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£48.00 Excluding Vat @20%

StormCrate55 modular cellular soakaway crates are used in storm water retention, attenuation and infiltration applications. The soakaway crates are designed to be easily stacked together to create a below ground storm water holding tank or to allow the infiltration of storm water into the ground around them. The void created by the crates can then fill up with storm water during heavy rainfall conditions. The collected storm water then drains away slowly into the drainage system when the crate is used for attenuation, or, soaks away slowly into ground water table when the crate is used for infiltration.

£ 48 Available online
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  • Load bearing strength of 562kN per m
  • Designed for trafficked and untrafficked areas
  • 95% void ratio
  • Integrated inlet and outlet
  • 4 StormCrates per 1m³
  • 100% recyclable