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For Delivery Please Note: Trims will be cut to 2x 2.5m for national deliveries.

Gallows Bracket 565mm x 400mm x 60mm

£49.00 Excluding Vat @20%

Tools and Fixings required
Power Drill
Pilot drill bit
12mm x 100mm / 12mm x 150mm sleeve anchors
12mm x 200mm Masonry drill bit
Spirit Level
1 Position bracket on wall where it will
require fitting.
2 Pilot drill through the pre-drilled holes to
mark on wall where fixings will be required.
3 Using a 12mm x 200mm masonry drill bit,
bore holes in wall to accept fixings.
4 Re-position bracket on wall.
5 Place 2 / 3 (depending on height of
bracket), 12mm x 100mm / 12mm x 150mm
(depending on thickness of bracket) Fischer
style sleeve anchors through bracket into
hole in wall. It may be necessary to lightly
tap fixing with hammer to fully insert in hole.
6 Tighten sleeve anchor until bracket is fully
secured to wall.
7 Check that bracket is both plumb and at
90 degrees to wall.

Gallows Bracket 565mm x 400mm x 60mm
£ 49 Available online
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Able to withstand high weight loading
Easy installation
Low maintenance
No rotting, splitting or warping
Eco friendly product
Thermally efficient
Water resistant