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Stelmax Upvc Solvent Cleaner 0.5lt

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Stelmax Upvc Solvent Frame Cleaner 0.5lt

Stelmax Upvc Solvent Cleaner 0.5lt
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Stelmax Upvc Solvent Cleaner 5lt ( 500ml )


PVC Ultraclean and Thinners & Cleaning Fluid are both combinations of flammable solvents for the cleaning of marked or soiled PVC. Ultraclean is designed as a light degreasant to clean lightly soiled PVC and PVC coated components. Thinners & Cleaning Fluid is a more aggressive formulation and is designed to clean heavily soiled and lightly marked PVC and PVC coated components.

PVC Cream Cleaner is water based, containing a gentle abrasive and antibacterial product to clean lightly soiled PVC and PVC coated components.

Due to the many applications and variety of substrates on the market, it is the end users sole responsibility to ensure that this product is suitable for its intended application and the products compatibility with all materials Information in this publication and otherwise supplied to users is based on our general experience and is given in good faith, but because of the many particular factors which are outside our knowledge and control and which may affect the use of these products, no warranty is given or is implied with respect to such information.

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